Stephen Vanasco


©Stephen Vanasco

Figures – 2016
Moab – Entrada Rag Natural Cold Press
18 x 24 
Leica Monochrom 246

Stephen Vanasco is a N.Y. born L.A. raised photographer. Having grown up during the skateboarding subculture in the 90’s this time period instilled a diy perception and understanding that he still practices today. Having had the opportunity to start to pursue photography in his 20’s he saw the medium as something bigger than one subject matter. Rather than boxing himself in he explores various slices of life with his Leica allowing him to pursue, experience and build various bodies of work from aerial, to flowers, to street, abstract etc. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he continues to grow with photography. 

When did you start using Leica?
I started using a Leica in 2012. I purchased a used M6 from the Leica Boutique at Samy’s Camera here in L.A.

What is your favorite camera? 
It is my black paint Leica MP that I got in 2015. I love that over the years as it has brassed as I use it more and more.

What is your favorite subject matter to shoot? 
Whatever is in front of my lens that inspires me to pick up my camera and press the shutter. I find joy in various subject matters.

What other Leica camera are you thinking of getting? 
I am intrigued by the M11 Monochrome.

How has Leica changed your life?
Making photos with a Leica changed my whole view and approach to photography. They create cameras that inspire and pull you into the process in such a different way. When you let go and let yourself see through the rangefinder it’s really something special. 



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