Ralph Gibson “Digital Color”

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Ralph Gibson “Digital Color”

“The Digital dialectic suggests that anything digital is compressed … and this applies equally to color. Saturation, hue and timbre serve to create an imagery unique and not very similar to analog film. For this reason, I welcome the idea of a new visual language; another system of control. Digital speaks in subtle ways, often producing an entirely different perspective. All of the photographs in this exhibit have been made with a Leica rangefinder and a 135mm Apo-Telyt-M. I wanted to deliberately pursue the foreshortening of perspective afforded by the long focal length.

When asked if I prefer working gin black and white or color, I responded that I like working in all three. (P.S black and white are also colors…)

With the opening of Digital Color, I am pleased to be celebrating my 80th birthday in Los Angeles – my city of birth, with Leica – my camera of choice”


–Ralph Gibson, January 2019

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