Maria Lupu

©Maria Lupu


Self Portrait  -Thinking at you, 2017
Archival Pigment Print on Hot Press Bright paper
27 x 40 
Leica monochrome type 246

©Per Bernal

I love to study life and who we are, that which I am in this earthly existence and experience.

A storyteller of that which I observe that in which I reflect myself, a continuous exploration and contemplation of that which is.
Life flows through us unfolding in the most magical, unpredictable way – in an exciting and intense way.
Visual arts have always been a passion of mine. A self-thought photographer, continuously learning about myself on this wide – small stage we call life.
I love portrait and street photography. Life is printed on one’s face, our human interaction and relationships are an expression of each individual, how we relate to each other and how we operate in this world. How long it takes us to re learn what love is.
Everyone’s story, everyone’s voice, each one of us matters -In that I am interested to express through art.
I used my first Leica camera monochrome type 246 as a tool. And I noticed once you feel a Leica there is no turn back:)
I love the old grain black & white that offers, for I see all in light and shadow.  It creates a beautiful geometry where I see us all framed in a playfulness motion .
As a romantic that loves beauty, I don’t exclude the pictural colors that Sl2 offers me ..My next tool that I would love to explore all that I see 
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