Jesse Diamond

©Jesse Diamond

Jesse Diamond
Archival Fine Art Print
40 x 60
$6,000 Framed

©Per Bernal

“It is a true privilege to have someone themselves to me, a complete stranger with a camera in his hands. That level of connection in photography creates the drive to look far beyond myself. However, knowing something of where you’re coming from has to come first. In making a photograph, I value my initial response above everything else. How and what we respond to really defines us as individuals. There are occasions when viewing an image that I can see beyond the subject matter to an open door in my subconscious. How far inside I choose to look is a choice based on how much truth, be it good or bad, I’m willing to handle. The selections of photographs in ‘After Hours’ are a document of a time period when I chose to walk in and close the door behind me.”

Jesse Diamond was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He attended Cal Arts University where he trained as a musician and studied visual arts as a secondary course. Inspired by a trip to Africa in 1997, Jesse decided to concentrate entirely on photography.

When did you start using Leica?
In 2001, I was in Sante Fe, New Mexico, and Sebastiao Salgados’s ‘Migrations’ was being exhibited all over town. I was so moved, and as a beginner photographer, I had to know what camera equipment he used. Within a month, I bought my first Leica M camera. 

What is your favorite camera?
A 2004 Leica MP film camera.
What is your favorite subject matter to shoot?
I always gravitated towards street photography. Studio lighting was never my strong suit, so I stuck with what was most natural.
What other Leica camera are you thinking about getting?
I own an M10-R, but I can see a time when I move entirely to the SL system. But not just yet. 
How has Leica changed your life?
It taught me to see and shoot without technical distractions. 
And I still sleep with my Leica film camera by my bedside.




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