Jamie Johnson

©Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson
Title, year Biddy 2018
Paper, print type Silver Gelatin
Size 20×24
Leica used SL1
Edition 1/5
Price $2250

©Per Bernal


I have spent my entire career photographing children all over the world. The last several years I have focused my eyes on the Irish Traveller that live in caravans on the side of the road or in open fields throughout Ireland. The Traveller community are anIrish nomadic indigenous ethnic minority. There is no recorded date as to when Travellers first came to Ireland. This is lost to history, but Travellers have been recorded to exist in Ireland as far back as history is recorded. Even with their great history they live as outsiders to society and face unbelievable racism growing up. As a mother of two daughters, I became so interested in the culture and traditions and lives of these children. I have spent many years traveling back and forth to Ireland to document these incredible children.

The experience I had photographing the grit and beauty, that is the everyday life of a Traveller child, is one that inspires me every day. Their deep respect for family and cultural values is refreshing, one that can be quite difficult to find in an age with the convince of social media. Not always immediately accepting of an outsider holding a large camera, I took my time getting to know and understand these faces that represent the new generation. My ever-growing fascination with the children of today has led me all over the world, capturing their innocence or in some cases loss of, in its most raw form.

Unlike most children they are unable to refer to a history book to learn about their ancestors, a part of this journey was being able to document an era that is so different to any other I have photographed. It is one that is and will always be rapidly changing, every time I visit it is a whole different world yet with the relationships, I have been lucky enough to make, it seems to feel like I never left. I am exponentially grateful to the young people documented and that I have encountered over my years.

It is with an honest heart I hope to show that these beautiful children who have great hopes and goals and work every day to reach their dreams no matter how hard they must fight racisms and stereotypes placed on them for centuries. A child is an innocent, happy, precious part of the world that should be loved and accepted and encouraged no matter where or how they live.

When did you start using Leica? 
2006 I bought the M6

What is your favorite camera?

Right now I LOVE my SL2S

What is your favorite subject matter to shoot? 

Portraits–mainly documentary work on the lives of children around the world

What other Leica camera are you thinking of getting?

How has Leica changed your life?
Leica is not only the best cameras, but it is also a “community”  Leica knows their photographers and we all know each other-its a very special community to be a part of.
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