Dennys Ilic

©Dennys Ilic

Dennys Ilic
Entwined-Tricia Helfer & Kate Sackhoff
Hahnemühle PhotoRag Metallic 340gsm
60 x 40

©Per Bernal

With bases in Los Angeles, New York, and Melbourne, renowned photographer Dennys Ilic carts his camera equipment—and keen eye—around the globe, producing dazzling, contemporary and artistic images for his dynamic clientele.  Dennys’ photographic vision is uniquely versatile, and this versatility is reflected in the staggering array of clients served: major motion pictures; high-end magazines; and actors and actresses from screens big and small.  

Equally skilled at A-list editorial and celebrity portraiture, Dennys is perhaps best known for edgy and soulful images that capture the true essence of his subject matter. Thus, his photography has been commissioned by a number of major film studios, including Warner Bros. Pictures, Roadshow, United Pictures International (UPI) and Newline Cinema.

When did you start using Leica?
What is your favorite camera? Leica SL2S Reporter
What is your favorite subject matter to shoot? Portraits of Humans
What other Leica camera are you thinking of getting? Leica M11 Monochrom
How has Leica changed your life?
The Cameras: Leica has changed my whole philosophy of the way I shoot. I contemplate the image with more thought and shoot meticulously. Previously i would take thousands of images in a single portrait sessions, being happy with less than 10% of what I captured. With Leica i shoot in the low hundreds of images and am pleased with all of them. 

The Company Leica is imbued with a sense of family and Soul. I have through like met so many incredibly kind and giving people that have become dear friends and work colleagues as well as icons that influenced my growth in photography. 




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