Deborah Anderson

©Deborah Anderson

Taos, New Mexico
Archival Print

©Per Bernal

The continued opportunity to walk amongst the Oceti Sakowin , meaning Seven Council Fires (known to some as the Sioux Nation), was only made possible because of my work with them for the feature documentary film Women Of The White Buffalo that began in 2018 and was released in April 2022.

I received a master class in human understanding when I listened to their stories and witness the tears falling from their eyes for all they continue to endure as Indigenous peoples here in America. 

One of the words that stands out to me from the Lakota language, a language that evolves every day, is Wasi’chu or Wašíču which translates as “takes the fat” or “someone that takes the best parts for himself”. It is a word that describes the human condition based on racism, inhumanity, greed and exploitation. An ancient word that continues to plagues their lives today.





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