Daniel Sackheim

©Dan Sackheim

©Per Bernal


When did you start using Leica?
In 2010 my Nikon was stolen, and a good friend loaded me his M9.  I never did replace that Nikon What is your favorite camera?      
My SL2s
What is your favorite subject matter to shoot?  Film Noir inspired Observational Photography.  
What other Leica camera are you thinking of getting?   
I’ve long romanticized owing a Leica film camera, so the M7.

How has Leica changed your life?   
It’s impossible to overstate the many ways in which the purchase of my first M camera has changed my life.  Not only has the unparalleled quality of the camera and its lenses elevated and enhanced my own work. What was unexpected, was the heartfelt reception I received from a close-knit community of  talented photographers, photography enthusiasts, and devoted Leica staff members,  many of whom have gone on to become colleagues and cherished friends. 



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