Charlie Lieberman

©Charlie Lieberman

Charlie Lieberman
Youngs River, Oregon – 2013
Leica M11 Monochrom, Leica 28mm Summicron
Archival Pigment Print on 100% Cotton Rag Paper
20” x 30”

©Per Bernal


Whenever I make a photograph, I want the viewer to feel like they’re there with me. Whether it is windshield blurred by rain or standing beside a stretch of weathered, empty highway, each image aims to impart a sense of memory even if the viewer has never been to that particular place before. The goal is to take the viewer with me to places we never knew we wanted to visit. Whether choosing to enter the urban landscape or to commune with the natural world, it is always through the gateway of light and weather, reminding us of the nature we all inhabit.

I started in still photography a long time ago and far, far away (well, Chicago actually). After a series of wildly accidental events, I wound up moving into shooting film 24 frames per second instead of one frame at a time. This new direction led to shooting documentaries, educational films, business films, commercials and indie features. Eventually, I found my way to Los Angeles and managed to have a successful career in episodic television. All the while, still photographs were being shot, printed and shown.

When did you start using Leica?1973
What is your favorite camera?
Digital: M11 Monochrom
Film: M6
What is your favorite subject matter to shoot?
The natural world.
What other Leica camera are you thinking of getting?
For the first time in my life, I’m very happy with the ones I have.
How has Leica changed your life?
Using Leica’s has given my pictures a level of technical excellence and elegance that I have never seen in any other brand. A few other brands come close, but none exceed images captured with Leica gear. 
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